Wednesday 21 November


13:00—15:00 — Registration

14:00—15:00 — Lunch in „Toporów” Inn

15:30—16:00 — Opening of Conference by:

Professor Borys Mikułowski (Metallurgical Foundry Commission Polish Academy of Sciences of Krakow),

Professor Artur Błachowski, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Science Pedagogical University of Krakow

16:00—16:35  Invited Lecture of Kvackaj T., Rozsypalova A., Kocisko R., Bidulska J., Sas J., Weiss K.-P., Duchek M.: Evaluation of mechanical properties and microstructure of high-nitrogen austenitic stainless steel after processing at the cryogenic temperature

16:35—17:00  Dadun K., Boczkal G.: Capacitor charge welded Pt/Inconel 625 microjoints

17:00—17:25  Jasiński M., Ziewiec K., Wojciechowska M.: Properties of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell’s – Thermal Imaging Study

17:25—17:45 — Coffee Break

17:45—18:10  Sułkowski B.: Taylor factor as a criterion for deformation mode in AZ61

18:10—18:35  Bryła K., Horky J., Krystian M., Mingler B., Lityńska-Dobrzyńska L.: Microstructure, mechanical and degradation properties of Mg-4Ag alloy after equal channel angular pressing

18:35—18:50  Janoska M., Boczkal G., Sułkowski B., Setman D., Schafler E.: Influence of deformation by SPD methods in magnesium alloys on accumulation of point defects

18:50—19:15  Hrabia-Wiśnios J., Leszczyńska-Madej B., Madej M., Wąsik A.: Investigations of Microstructure and Properties of Tin Babbitt Used in Slide Bearing Bushings

19:30 — Highlander evening – supper


Thursday 22 November


8:00—9:00 — Breakfast

9:05—9:30      Wołczyński W., Najman K., Bydałek A.W.: Mechanisms for Agglomeration and Coagulation of Copper Droplets in the Liquid Post-Processing Slags subjected to the Effect of Complex Reagent

9:30—9:55      Hyjek P. Sulima I., Malczewski P., Bryła K., Jaworska L.: Transformation of the nickel-aluminum matrix microstructure caused by the addition of titanium diboride

9:55—10:20    Ziewiec K., Wojciechowska M., Jasiński M., Jankowska-Sumara I.: The microstructure and thermal stability of the two-component melt-spun TCMS alloys

10:20—10:45  Tejchman W., Orwat B., Żesławska E., Korona-Głowniak I.: What links DSSC cells with microbiological hazards

10:45—11:05 — Coffee Break

11:05—11:30  Boczkal G., Bydalek A.W., Wolczynski W.: Analysis of the kinetics of Cu2O eutectic crystallization on the process of copper recovery from slag in copper production processes

11:30—11:55  Karwan-Baczewska J., Franczak A.: Copper matrix composite reinforced with titanium nitride produced by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering (SPS)

11:55—12:20 Wąsik A., Leszczyńska-Madej B., Madej M., Goły M.: Effect of heat treatment on microstructure of Al-4Cu-SiCp composites consolidated by powder metallurgy route

12:20—12:45  Pałka P., Boczkal G., Perek-Nowak M.: Microstructure and mechanical properties Zn-Bi single crystal

13:00—14:00 — Lunch

14:30—14:55  Błachowski A., Komędera K., Bukowski Z., Rogacki K., Sato T.J.: Charge modulations in Fe-based superconductors studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy

14:55—15:20  Czaja P., Suchanicz J., Kluczewska K.: Examples of ferroelectric materials

15:20—15:45  Invited Lecture Bach A.: Contemporary flower beds for green smart cities

16:30—17:30 — Poster session*

20:00 — Supper


Friday 23 November


8:00—9:00 — Breakfast

9:00—9:35      Invited Lecture of Alex Balinski: Mathematics of Deep Learning (United Kingdom)

9:35—10:00    Mityushev V., Ryłko N.: Perturbation field of highly conducting spherical particles (Materialica+)

10:00—10:25  Gwizdała W., Nawalaniec W., Czapla R.: Molecular ordering and geometry of the nematic liquid crystal layer located near the graphene plane – computer simulation study

10:25—10:45 – Coffe break

10:45—11:10  Afanasyeva O., Development of concealment parameter measurement method in steganography systems

11:10—11:35  Walusiak Ł., Lamża A., Wróbel Z.: Methods of segmentation of pathological objects on chest x-ray images

11:35 —12:00 Stawiarz M.: Wear behavior of FSP modified Al-Si-Cu/SiC(p) composite

12:00— Summary & Ending of the Conference

12:30—13:30 — Lunch